For a beginner, opening a CSV file in Tableau may be daunting. It is not because of Tableau but a lack of knowledge about CSV. What is CSV?

CSV(Comma Separated Values) is the most common type of data files we get to encounter in data science and business analytics, and as the name suggests its a file where values are segregate over a comma.

CSV files can be opened and edited by any editor, any programming language can parse CSV files for data and importing them is easy and fast. Such advantages make it a hot property no matter how fast the landscape of technology changes.

To many beginners, CSV is introduced by opening them in Microsoft Excel which may lead to an assumption that CSV is an EXCEL file which is not. It is a text file actually which has this advantage of being manipulated by any editor. Let’s learn how to connect it with Tableau.

As soon as you open the Tableau, on the left side of the window, you will find the Text File under Connect. I have highlighted it in the image above in case you are unable to see it.

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The moment you will click the TEXT FILE, a new small window will pop up for you to browse and find out the CSV file you want to connect. Select the required file and click open.

Congratulations, you have just connected your CSV file with Tableau and without further ado go ahead with your analysing.

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